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13 lakh professionals registered for NSR

Human Resources remains the most important asset for the IT-BPM industry in India and ensuring that existing employees and potential aspirants have their credentials verified is an important priority.

Recognising that there is a lack of credible data about the knowledge professionals in the country and it is imperative to uniquely identify employees to prevent ID theft, NASSCOM, in partnership with the industry has launched a unique initiative—the National Skills Registry (NSR). This is a national database of registered and verified knowledge workers in the ITBPM sector that is managed and run by NDML, a fully-owned subsidiary of the National Securities Depository Ltd. (NSDL).

This critical information infrastructure benefits employees, potential hires as well as industry organisations, as the central repository connects IT-BPM companies, professionals and background checkers.

      Fast Facts

    • Full service, national-level roll out
    • 123 leading companies registered
    • 8.44 ITPINs generated
    • Over 12.90 lakh professionals registered 
    • 91 Point of Service across 21 cities are functional
    • 17 Background Verification Companies empanelled

The database contains permanent fact sheets about the registered professionals, along with their photographs and appropriate background checks, thus providing identity security for the organisation and its clients. Biometrics is also included in this repository to ensure unique identification. There is one profile per person.

The benefits of NSR flow across to clients, service providers and employees. The data is owned by employees who can authorise prospective employers to validate details and avoid duplication of background checks. The NSR not only helps companies cut costs related to such checks, it also deters professionals from faking details about their professional qualifications and experience. In this way, the NSR is helping the industry set higher security benchmarks and standardise the verification process to deliver consistent results across the industry.

The NSR, a faster and efficient referencing systems, is also being used by companies as a tool to ‘know their employees’ and secure their businesses by keeping employees with integrity issues at bay.

IT-BPM organisations can register their employees/candidates in the NSR and view the profiles of professionals along with their background verification reports, if any. They can even initiative background checks and view the results. Employees On boarding and Off boarding need to confirm their joining and relieving dates on the database.