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Promising Innovation – Wow!px

Promising Innovation – Wow!px

Category: Promising Innovation (Shortlisted)

Product / Solution Name: Wow!px

Innovation Imperative:

The explosive growth of smartphones, tablet, Web 2.0 and social media has led consumers worldwide to expect more out of customer service. However there is a significant gap between what consumers expect and the customer service infrastructure. As a pioneer in Customer Lifecycle Management that handles millions of transactions, 24/7 Customer identified this gap and has been investing in pioneering breakthrough innovation in the area of customer experience leading to its Predictive Experience solutions, hence the name Wow!px.

Brief overview of the Innovation:

Wow!px solution is a new genre in customer experience and an evolution of customer experiences that consumers are being conditioned to expect. It is a new category – beyond reactive or proactive in customer experience. Wow!px is an online predictive experience solution that 0analyzes customer behavior, predicts, personalizes and assists consumers to resolve issues on the web, smart phone and tablet by predicting who needs assistance for what type of issue and when. Wow!px provides an integrated self service and chat solution that optimizes customer experience interactions and is powered by advanced predictive technology and operations. The result- end consumers can resolve their problem in the channel and device without needing to call the 1-800 number, creating an entirely new experience in end-customer interaction. 24/7 has become the first company to take predictive customer experience to the iPad.

Benefits to the customer:

Wow!px solutions have transformed the customer care business model of our clients by reducing their cost per contact and improving CSAT. Wow!px solutions are based on continuous learning algorithms, advanced text mining, journey analytics. It offers better engagement with the consumer, faster resolution, improved customer experience and is portable across channels and devices. All these benefits are SaaS based, available at low cost and requires minimal investment on technology.

Business Opportunity:

The predictive interactive suite of solutions defines a new business model. We are offering these solutions to our customers and it re-defines their business needs. This suite of solutions offering has become our core business and is contributing significantly to the revenue stream.