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NGF Mentorship Initiative

M and MS PROGAM NGF Mentorship Initiative

Why the NGF- Mentorship Program?

The Indian Game Development Industry is growing fast. The increasing rate at which start-ups, Indies and studios are entering this space is on the rise year on year. The industry is at an inflection point where the new entrants can learn and rely on the older generation to not repeat the same mistakes. The time is now right to launch a mentorship program where young game development studios get industry experts to mentor them.

NGF will be the evangelising platform for getting game studios and industry veterans on a single platform. This platform will also help mentee studios to seek funding, incubation and business connects.


What is in it for them?

For Mentees

  • Connect with mentor/s from
    the industry on specific problem
    statement. (multi- connectivity of a
    mentor to at least 3 mentees)
  •   Be inspired, encouraged and a well
    - rounded professional and personal development.
  •      Expect to strengthen and build your network, and gain the skills and
    confidence necessary to excel professionally.

For Mentors

  • Industry veterans and experts
    get to contribute to an industry initiative.
  • Devote at least 10 hours in a month in guiding their mentees via 1 on 1
    meeting, calls and emails.
  • Help younger studios thrive by
    avoiding and learning from the
    mistakes of the earlier waves of
    game dev in India.
How will it work?