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Standing up for Net neutrality and start-up eco-system

Standing up for Net neutrality and start-up eco-system

• No rights/discretion be given to TSPs to effectively censor/block legal content, to throttle lawful Internet traffic or determine how users use the Internet in the form of "normal Net...

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  • Vol. 6
  • Issue 4
  • Jun, 2015

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“Net neutrality is of critical importance to ensure an open and level playing field and provide unrestricted access to legal content and services free of any procedural or...

R. Chandrashekhar

President, NASSCOM

"Bonding between the two countries is very deep. Both Indians and Japanese are hardworking. India has soft power in IT and Japan has hard power in manufacturing (a hardware presence). This...

Ravi Shankar Prasad

India's Minister for Communications and IT

“There is a perception in Japan that India is a complex country with long procedural delays and cultural differences. However, all these roadblocks can be dismantled, if members sitting...

Yoichi Miyazawa

Japan's Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry

“Although trade between the two nations is not very high, this is the moment to seize and increase the numbers manifold, by even ten or twenty times...The Japanese investment kitty is flush...

Pramod Bhasin Founder

Genpact and Former NASSCOM Chairman

“Around 25 sectors have been identified where Japanese investments can flow in and the IT-BPM industry is one of them. Companies like GE, Bosch and Target have shown great confidence in India...

Masami Iijima

Japan India Business Co- operation Committee

“With GICs rapidly maturing and moving up the value chain, they are all set to play a pioneering role in providing sustained competitive advantage to their global enterprises. GICs are...

R. Chandrashekhar

President, NASSCOM

“Maharashtra has always been the business hub of India. The state is known for its innovation and entrepreneurial capabilities and brimming with examples like the Tatas and Ambanis. The...

R. Chandrashekhar

President, NASSCOM

Gaming Forum “The Hackathon in collaboration with Axis Bank is a progressive step towards leveraging technology to revolutionize the Digital banking landscape. NASSCOM is optimistic that...

Rajesh Rao


“We have invited creative minds to collaborate with us in this journey of building next- generation customer- centric mobile solutions. We want to be a part of the everyday digital...

Amit Sethi

CIO, Axis Bank

  • Building a case for Net neutrality

      Building a case for Net neutrality NASSCOM has been busy these last few days, expanding the vision of its software...

  • Deepening the India-Japan ICT connect

      The Indian tech sector, with its large pool of rightly skilled people, can help Japan fill this critical gap. The western...

  • GICs: Looking at new frontiers

    • To build stronger community interactions In 2015, the players in India, which now number more than 1000, will remain...

  • NIPP connects large IT companies with innovative ventures

    Since its inception, NIPP has been: • Hosting Hackathons on the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Aadhar...

  • Start-up Warehouses set up in Navi Mumbai and Pune

    The new start-up warehouses will be set up by NASSCOM in association with MIDC and establish Navi Mumbai and Pune as emerging...

  • Digital banking landscape

    Axis Bank addresses digital opportunity in partnership with NASSCOM • ...


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