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The Engineering Forum had adopted a four pronged approach to achieve its growth targets:

  • Improving the impact of Government
  • The Forum aims to sensitise Government about the growing sector, so that it can be recognised as a separate industry as as software or hardware. The Forum is also working to ensure that Research too gets acknowledged as a separate category. It’s aim is to foster collaboration between government institutions and industry, in order to encourage innovation.

    Additionally the Engineering Forum is undertaking the following:

    • Enabling engineering services organisations to manufacture prototypes within SEZ areas
    • Helping organisations involved in reengineering, component design or testing services to import components and derive duty benefits
    • Helping the co-location of electronic manufacturing in IT-BPO SEZ facilities and promoting the seamless use of high-end software between STP and SEZ units
    • Facilitating single window clearances for execution of engineering services, through unification of STP and SEZ jurisdictions that allow the speedier processing of permissions
    • Ensuring that direct and indirect taxation benefits like deemed exports status for non-EOUs that provide services for export of engineering services, are availed by ER&D organisations
    • Helping take EOU benefits to testing labs and subsidised loans to SMEs for setting up labs
    • Spurring government to invest in setting up assembly or testing units and provide investment subsidies to such units
  • Developing the ecosystem
    • The Forum is helping improve access to infrastructure through:
      • Joint sponsorship of key test labs and proto manufacturing facilities on a PPP model that can be showcased
      • Stronger collaboration between Design and Manufacturing capabilities
    • It is enabling the development of Innovation Clusters by:
      • Promoting tax breaks, availability of loans and financing, investment credits, etc. for local and regional innovation
      • Encouraging commercialisation of R&D (in universities) by assisting students and faculty to take their innovations to market
    • It is specifically focusing on SMEs to enable them to take active part in realising India’s Engineering Services vision
  • Building the brand of the Engineering Services sector by:
    • Improving the perception about Indian vendors. The Forum does this by:
  • Improving the industry’s connect with academia
    • The Forum is focusing on higher Education:
      • It is proposing the conferring of an explicit Core Engineering Diploma for 4-6 months similar to finishing school type courses in specific verticals in addition to regular B.Tech curriculum.
      • It is suggesting a similar advanced diploma for teachers and working professionals to create a larger talent pool with adequate skill sets
      • Periodic joint academia and industry workshops focused on core engineering
      • It is working to ensure higher cooperation between research institutes, industry and academia, leading to well-rounded skill development of teachers
      • The Forum is helping develop specialised programmes within vertical domains and special scholarship programmes for deserving students
      • It is sending industry experts into academic institutions as guest faculties
      • The Forum is expanding the NAC-Tech assessment for Engineering specific areas
    • Enhancing employability
      • The Forum is helping improve the curriculum and making it contemporary with live case studies
      • It is creating soft-skill opportunities through “beyond core” activities
      • The Forum is calling for high-caliber post graduate courses (M-Tech, PhDs) in select universities across engineering streams for working professionals
    • Building domain capabilities
      • Identifying 2-3 leading universities in each discipline and evolve them as ‘centers of excellence’ with significant academic and administrative autonomy
      • Certifying engineers for industry verticals/specific skills
    • Augmenting capacity
      • The Forum is looking at a comprehensive programme to build Ph.D capacity in India and encourage the industry to partner with universities
      • It is collaborating with higher education institutes to develop fellowship programmes for increasing the number of Ph.Ds in the country