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Bhagath Singh Karunakaran, CEO & MD, Kalycito

Bhagath is a first generation entrepreneur with nearly 14 years of experience and a passion for engineering and technology. He is one of the founding directors and CEO of Kalycito. He has hands on experience in all phases of electronic hardware and software development. His experience includes hard-real-time system design, linux and networking. He is an expert in Industrial Fieldbus and has contributed in specifying and implementing the high availability specification of POWERLINK.

Our dream is to reach all the 51 million SMEs in India. We are working closely with Value Added Reselling Partners in new market locations to expand our size and availability.

His interest includes implementing processes and project management practices for geographically distributed teams. Bhagath is a graduate in Electrical & Electronics Engineering and was working with Infosys before starting Kalycito. He is also actively involved in working with college students in and around Coimbatore as part of inspiring more entrepreneurs in the engineering space.

Q: What is your vision for Kalycito?

A: Kalycito is a next-generation technology company, based in Coimbatore, India. We are passionate about achieving our vision of being a trusted, strategic, long-term technology partner to our customers, offering specialized R&D services and solutions. We believe in creating a positive difference in our field of expertise. Our aim is to operate with ingenuity and integrity and to offer supreme quality to all our customers.

Q:How do you see your growth since 2007?

A: Kalycito began operations at PSG-STEP, Coimbatore, a Government of India sponsored Technology Business Incubator (TBI) facility. We also received seed funds from the Technology Development Board (TDB), Department of Science & Technology, Government. of India. Kalycito was additionally awarded a grant from MSME during its initial years for the contribution it had made to the area of product development and innovation. From then on, we have grown organically, establishing our headquarters in Coimbatore and expanding our operations across India. A sign of our growth is our significant customer base which is spread across seven countries and five states in India.

Q: What are the core focus areas for Kalycito?

A: We are a knowledge-based firm focussing on Industrial Communication, Internet of Things, and Industry 4.0 technologies. We provide services related to Embedded Software Development, FPGA, Design & Prototyping, Embedded Hardware Design, Product Validation and Maintenance and Support. With our proficiency in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT), we have been able to fashion eAlerta, a product that addresses the operational, maintenance and energy challenges being faced by Indian SMEs today.

Q: How do SMEs benefit from leveraging your product eAlerta?

A: Recent research indicates that there are 51 million SMEs in India and growing. SMEs form the backbone of the Indian economy and contribute to around 38 percent of the overall GDP. The growth and productivity of SMEs however, is hindered by factors such as accessibility, affordability and poor adoption of technology. eAlerta is a cost effective IoT tool which is available at a price that’s as low as that of a smart phone and data plan. eAlerta aids SMEs to improve their operational efficiency and quality, and reduce maintenance and energy costs.

Today, eAlerta is helping industries, data centers, multi-storeyed buildings, retail outlets and campuses to monitor their operations 24x7, by replacing their manual log sheets with round-the-clock, automatic, real-time data acquisition, analysis and instant alerts via SMS/e-mail. They have easy and secure access to stored data and historical analytics across multiple geographies and businesses. Automated monitoring, along with analytical reports and an instantaneous alerting system reduce the stress of maintaining manual log sheets. The product helps to track equipment, providing decision makers with timely and precise data to increase their operational efficiency and bottom-line.

Q: Kalycito has recently won the Quality Council of India (QCI)’s D.L. Shah Quality Award for its product eAlerta. What are the reasons behind this success?

A:  We are happy to have won the QCI-D.L. Shah Quality Award in the Gold category for our product eAlerta at the 10th National Quality Conclave in 2015. The award is a recognition of Kalycito’s ability to provide scalable and quality products that address the needs of Indian SMEs at very low costs. We have highly satisfied customers across domains that range from a textile showroom to a large auto component maker.

Q: What are your future plans for Kalycito and eAlerta?

A: Our dream is to reach all the 51 million SMEs in India. We are working closely with Value Added Reselling Partners in new market locations to expand our size and availability. In the coming year, we also look to investors who can help us fuel our growth. In the services space, we have been working with a handful of customers, forging long-term associations with them. This way we are paying special attention to their needs and looking forward to growing with them. In the long run, we intend to have a 50:50 split between R&D services and subscription services. This will enable us to increase the quality of our offerings and get repeat business from our clients.

Q: What can an individuals expect to find when they join Kalycito?

A: At Kalycito, our employees are exposed to cutting-edge global technologies. We train our teams in both business development as well as technical skill-sets. Thus, we keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive among our employees. We also encourage our teams to meet directly with our customers, which enables them to learn faster. We have created an open and flat organizational culture that encourages individuals to work on their ideas and suggestions. We believe in growing together and creating a positive difference in the lives of everyone who associates with us—whether our customers, our people and society at large.