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Welcome Address and Opening Remarks

Opening Keynote: Big Data and Senseable Cities

Keynote I: Big Data in the Real World- Enabling High performance through Analytics

Keynote II: Big Data: Connecting the dots – Delivering split-second decisions by integrating offline and online systems

Session I: How have Global analytics companies from India transformed competitiveness of the global corporation?

Session II: Structuring the Unstructured Data: What works Structuring the Unstructured Data: What works and what doesn’t!

Session III A: Panel Discussion: Building the talent pool - Are there enough analysts to analyze the data?

Session III B: Panel Discussion Application of analytics in key verticals

Session IV A: Panel Discussion Bring home the advantagePositioning India as the Big Data hub

Session IV B: Panel Discussion Driving biz impact in the Enterprise through actionable analytics

Urban Big Data

Big Data - Connecting the Dots

Application of Analyatics in Key Veritcals

The Rise of Geotechnology

Big Data and Advanced Analytics: 16 Use Cases From a Practioner's Perspective
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