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Building a case for Net neutrality


Building a case for Net neutrality

NASSCOM has been busy these last few days, expanding the vision of its software product development agenda and recognizing companies that are making strides within the 'small' space.

This month Newsline examines an issue that has been making the headlines. The matter of Net neutrality and its importance to India's start-up eco-system has been on NASSCOM's radar over the last few weeks. NASSCOM has been actively supporting the need for start-ups to have unrestricted access to the Internet and Internet platforms and services.

At the same time, the IT-BPM industry is cognizant of the challenges faced by the telecom industry which needs to survive and thrive. Keeping in mind these different points of view, NASSCOM has proposed to India's telecom regulator, TRAI, a synergistic model for Internet platforms, applications and TSPs that is based on the principles of Net neutrality.

In this issue, we also bring you news about the Global In-house Center (GIC) landscape in India and the role these erstwhile captives are playing in enabling their parent companies to become Digital enterprises. Moving beyond the cost advantage, GICs are now providing services that make them a strategic part of the overall global business.

NASSCOM's 10,000 Start-ups initiative meanwhile, is maintaining momentum, with the setting up of Start-up warehouses in Navi Mumbai and Pune. These will help strengthen the innovation and start-up eco-system in the state of Maharashtra and reach out to a large number of entrepreneurs.

Newsline additionally provides insights on the ICT trade opportunities emerging between Japan and India and the work that NASSCOM is doing to position India as an ICT investment destination and sourcing hub for Japanese companies. By showcasing the benefits that Western organizations are deriving through an India presence, NASSCOM is building a strong case for Japanese companies to look at the Indian IT industry again.

In this issue, we also bring you an interesting bit of news about how a leading Indian bank is building strong digital banking capabilities by engaging with innovative IT companies to build customer-focused solutions on its mobile platform. By hosting a Hackathon in partnership with NASSCOM, the bank has reached out to IT companies with great tech ideas that will enable it to design a great product/service mix for its customers.

Sangeeta Gupta