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NASSCOM as an industry association is governed by the Executive Council which is an elected body from the membership. In addition, Past Chairmen Council, Regional Councils and Industry Forum Advisory groups help to shape the agenda and priorities for NASSCOM.

Executive Council

The role of the Executive Council is to determine the strategic priorities for NASSCOM, find collaborative solutions to address industry challenges and build initiatives that will drive industry growth. The Executive Council has a term of two years.

Past Chairmen Council

The Past Chairmen Council functions as an advisory group to the Executive Council and focuses on the long term vision and priorities for NASSCOM. Members of the Chairmen Council are invitees to the meetings of the Executive Council.

Industry Council

It cater to the needs of diverse segments and aim to build specific programs that can help these sectors to realize the opportunity and share best practices. An Advisory group of industry members helps to shape the agenda on a regular basis and take leadership on specific initiatives.

Regional Council

The Regional Councils function across different cities where NASSCOM members are located to build strategies and address local issues. Member connect, tier 2 city development, best practices sharing, policy advocacy with local governments are some of the focus areas.