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Damodar Puthiya, Director and CEO, Mobinius

Damodar is a passionate entrepreneur with over 10+ years of experience in IT services, delivery management, organizational leadership, he has worked in various industries specializing in, mobile technologies, web solutions, software development, system architecture etc. With the vast industry experience & exposure to significant international market he clearly understands the needs of the Customer and helps in delivering client value through business-centric solutions.

“Mobinius wants to be the Uber, Airbnb and Amazon in the area of Mobility”

In 2010, Damodar co-founded Mobinius Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a company that specializes in delivering Mobile and Web Solutions using the cutting edge technologies. Damodar has been running the business successfully by setting strategies to improve processes, solutions and driving customer satisfaction through highest quality services. He has done his BE in Computer Science and Engineering from VTU University. He spends his free time in traveling and reading books etc. He loves meeting people and shares his ideas and work towards betterment of society.


Q: Can you summarize your future business strategy and explain how it would be sustainable?

A: Mobinius forayed the untested waters of new SMAC technologies, Digital transformation, and IoT six years ago, whereas most companies are thinking of them now. This early entry has enabled the company to build a strong foundation for its long-term business strategy that aims to create value and success. Going forward, we are looking to be the world’s best Digital transformation company, an organization that provides world-class services, solutions and products to people across the globe. We will continue to bring disruption in business so as to grow year-after-year, creating success stories around customers as well as employees. The convergence of four emerging trends including Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and cloud computing (SMAC), presents a huge opportunity for Indian IT-BPM players to move up the value chain. SMAC can be a game changer for the USD 108 billion Indian IT industry. It is estimated that Indian IT vendors can generate USD 225billion of SMAC related revenues by the year 2020. The mobility market is expected to experience continued growth and many enterprises will be interested in deploying mobility solutions to tap into the rapidly growing user base. NASSCOM estimates that an additional 10 percent IT spend will be incurred by enterprises in deploying mobility solutions by 2020. The mobility market opportunity is estimated to be worth about USD 140-150 billion globally. The transition to mobility is projected to ramp up significantly from 2015-16, after clients build an understanding of mobility technologies, vendor solutions gain maturity and proven examples become easily identifiable At 21 percent, the Asia Pacific market is expected to have the highest CAGR during the 2012-20 period, owing to opportunities in vertical specific apps and integrated development of consumer and business apps. Mobinius has a very streamlined and motivated team to capture the market. It offers customers a mix of ready-to-go solutions and an accelerator that helps it reduce costs for customers. The company’s R&D Team works on innovations and new technologies which can be easily deployed by our customers.

Mobinius plans, implements and manages mobility solutions for businesses and public organizations, including developing and implementing enterprise mobility strategies, incorporating applications and managed services and supplying credible, business-ready connected product offerings. These include:

  • Strategy and Consulting, where our advisory team develops a sound strategy enables clients to achieve their Mobility goals
  • Mobility Solutions that help customers move from pre-built frameworks to complete enterprise solutions
  • Delivery Services that help companies to reinvent the way they Design and Develop custom mobile applications—from UI design and testing to Data Integration and Security
  • Managed Services, which help companies accelerate deployment of Mobile Technology through Cloud enabled services

Our innovation centers located in The Netherlands, Sweden, USA and India, help companies from all industries to experience the power of mobility firsthand. Drawing from the full breadth of our latest assets, client experiences and research, the innovation centers offer exciting and thought provoking topics and live demonstration of Mobility concepts, technical solutions and business solutions by industry such as:

  • Connected vehicle
  • Mobile Wallets-Payments and Loyalty
  • Sales and Field Force Enablement
  • Connected Home
  • Mobility strategy accelerators
  • Application development and testing tools
  • Mobile security

Mobinius has hosted more than 40 Global Customers and 250 solutions from all geographies and industries since its inception in 2010! At Mobinius our mobility services are based on deep industry insights and technical expertise that helps our clients achieve growth, efficiency, and manage a successful transformation as they adopt the tools of a digital business

Our overall strategy is to:

  • Deliver world-class Digital transformation services
  • Provide solutions which will take markets by surprise
  • Develop at least 6-8 platforms and IP which is scalable and globally relevant to create multi-million dollar opportunities
  • Deliver uncompromising growth with a focus on customers

Q:What are your plans for the future? What are the technologies and initiatives that you are going to invest in?

A: We are working in the following technology spaces:

Digital Transformation - Digital technologies have a pervasive influence on all areas of a corporation, from impact on customer experience to enhanced productivity in operations and improvement in the way people collaborate within the organization. Our mission is Digital Transformation. Our talented consultants help clients define and deliver winning strategies by harnessing the power of the new Digital economy through a collaborative, relationship-based approach. We design and deliver significant transformations through our mastery of Digital advances, information insight, and business transformation. Our commitment is to deliver significant improvements in value and performance.

IOT - Mobinius has built a healthcare eco-system for an Italian client. We have also partnered with one major Aircraft manufacturer to build an exclusive Aircraft ground support system using IOT. Overall we had seen a positive impact if talking about innovation.

Big Data - Mobinius offers Big Data as a service (BDaaS). We offer analysis of large or complex data sets, using Cloud hosted services, where specific Big Data as a service options are used to help businesses handle what the IT world calls Big Data or sophisticated aggregated data sets that provide a lot of value for today’s companies. Mobinius enables organizations conceptualize and drive a well thought out Big Data program across multiple domains and focus areas, which enable them to achieve the twin objectives of revenue maximization and increasing operational efficiency. On the one hand, we enable organizations get the right customer insights leading to newer revenue sources through cross sell and upsell. On the other, we help them plug revenue leakages and detect fraud, thereby driving profitability Through a comprehensive set of Big Data services and Big Data solutions, we help our clients generate actionable insights from their Big Data initiatives. Our Big Data service offerings address all focus areas across the Big Data lifecycle. We have expertise in handling a wide range of technology platforms across the various focus areas of a Big Data initiative, ranging from capture, store and process to analyze. Some of these platforms include Hadoop, Pentaho and Flume to name a few.

Q: Does your business own any patents, products?

A: Mobinius Technologies is a technology solutions and services company focusing primarily on helping clients from across the globe to achieve their digital transformation roadmap. We: Offer our development accelerator platform “Mobino” to enable faster go-to-market for a customer’s mobile first initiatives We have created joint IP and collaborated with companies from Denmark and Norway that engage employees across locations. A Joint IP has been developed for a mobility platform, and the company has collaborated with a Swedish organization on IOT platforms. Mobinius is working closely with a Norway-based company for a joint go-to-market strategy.

Q: Mobility products are being churned out at the speed of light. How are you coping with this rapid change?

A: The pace at which mobility products are built is hard to believe. Mobinius is aware of today’s market need. However speed of light is too fast for any software development! At Mobinius, we have been part of successful software products. We have played as a technology partner and helped many of our customers to build successful products. We have done this by keeping the products simple and easy-to-use; remaining committed to ensuring the success of our customers, understanding the growing needs of our clients, being a part of their technology solutions, providing them with feedback and suggesting improvements. We focus on a Go Agile strategy and help customers transform their plans into reality.

Mobinius maintains a library of reusable components accumulated over six years, which is being used to expedite the overall development process, thus saving customers time and money and increasing productivity. Knowledge Management and archiving has helped the team to ramp up on a faster pace to get to speed. Mobinius holds a series of its own automation tools that is being used to verify the codes written by developers and automate our entire testing laboratory.

Q: What products and services does your company provide for the international market?

A:  Mobinius plans, implements and manages mobility solutions for international businesses and public organizations. It develops and implements enterprise mobility strategies; incorporating applications and managed services; and supplying credible, business ready Connected Product offerings.

Our Bespoke and customer solutions include:

  • IOT frameworks for connected devices
  • Connected devices solutions for healthcare, home automation and manufacturing
  • Big Data predictive analytics for Retail and Consumer durables


Q: What certification and awards has the company received in its quest for better quality and customer service?

A: We have been recognized globally for the solutions and services we offer. Mobinius was Silicon India’s Top 20 Emerging Enterprise Mobility Company. It was part of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India listing (Ranked 34) and the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 APAC listing (Ranked 301).

Q: What are the verticals where enterprise mobility will bring the maximum benefits in the future and create the biggest impact? How are you addressing these segments?

A: Drawing from the full breadth of our latest assets, client experiences and research, our innovation centers offer exciting and thought-provoking topics and live demonstrations of Mobility concepts, technical solutions and business solutions by industry. These are related to the Connected vehicle, Mobile Wallets—payments and loyalty, sales and field force enablement, connected homes, mobile strategy accelerators, application development and testing tools and Mobile security.

Mobinius has hosted more than 40 Global Customers and over 200 solutions across geographies and industries since 2010. Our mobility services are based on deep industry insights and technical expertise that helps our clients achieve growth, efficiency, and manage successful transformations as they adopt the tools of a Digital business. Our aim is to deliver world-class Digital transformation services and solutions, develop and scale platforms and IP that are globally relevant and create multi-million dollar opportunities and focus whole-heartedly on our customers.

Q: How is Mobinius working to establish itself as a key player in the global Digital Transformation market? How are your applying disruptive technologies for business transformation?

A: Digital technologies have a pervasive influence on all areas of a corporation, from impact on the customer experience to enhanced productivity in operations and improvement in the way people collaborate within an organization. Since we started working on disruptive technologies since inception, we have an edge. We have Fortune 100/500 companies and several multinational and SME companies that are looking to us to help in their Digital transformations initiatives. New web and mobile and hybrid technologies are disrupting the way business transformations are happening. Our key competencies are around the fact that we are the right technical partners for our customers.

Q: What is in for future for Mobinius?

A: Mobinius being an early entrant in the mobility market knows the significance of setting a benchmark for the company. Mobinius wants to be the Uber, Airbnb and Amazon in the area of Mobility. Our growth will not just be marked by exponential revenues. You will see huge technology contributions across the globe, where we will be applying technology disruptions to business transformation. We will be the best Technology Company by volume, innovation and the extent of business outcomes that we create.