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Diyana Manova, CEO,

Diyana Manova is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of IT World, World’s # 1 IT career and social media platform. She is responsible for defining the overall corporate strategy and global operations. Her strength lies at the development of new product ideas, expanding the business in new geographies, building long lasting relationships with clients and Strategic Partners across the Globe.

Diyana Manova’s vision, ideas and attitude are reflected in every aspect of the company’s culture and performance. Her entrepreneurship and passion for the business is also reflected in the people working together with her in building and expanding the business across nations. Diyana Manova’s passion for talented people and giving talent equal opportunities has brought IT World also to India. In less than 3 years IT World managed to attract over 100.000 IT professionals from 72 countries as members on its platform. Diyana Manova firmly believes that India has a huge pool of talented IT professionals who need to be groomed and nurtured in order to reach their full potential in India and across the World. She and her team are working on cutting edge products and ideas that will have massive impact on the way IT people build their career and the way employers find IT talent.

Diyana Manova is from Bulgarian origin. She has spent 2 years of her working career in the USA. For the past 10 years she has been living in the Netherlands. In Eindhoven “the Silicon Valley” of the Netherlands she acquired with honours her Bachelor Degree in International Business and Management as well as launched her fourth company, IT World Enterprises B.V.

Q: What is the kind of manpower and expertise that the IT world will be looking for over the next five years? What are the key trends shaping manpower development worldwide?

A: IT World Web believes that technology professionals of the future will not only have great expertise in their fields but also specific skill sets that enable them to add value to their organizations. We expect that the most sought after expertise will be related to Big Data, Cloud Architectures, Smart Object Designing, 3D Web Design and Mobile Technology Administration. As a result of fast changing technologies, IT World Web is planning to launch an e-learning environment called Academy, where users can enrol for affordable, high quality video courses to improve their hard and soft skills. Institutes and experts will share their knowledge through these video programs, enabling individuals to upgrade their skills on-the-go.

There are some key global trends that we feel will shape the way we work in the future. Important among them is the growth of what we call the ‘You Company’. ‘You Company’ is one that is not only hired on a freelance basis to help solve a problem but also one that brings unique expertise and skill sets and adds great value to customer organizations. This is the reason why we are seeing a growth in freelancers/contractors who are investing time and money in gaining more expertise within their fields to enhance their value add. Many of these freelancers and contractors are also building soft skills related to communication, leadership and critical thinking.

Besides freelancers and contractors, the employees of companies too are focusing on gaining expertise and soft skills. Jobs are becoming dynamic and require adaptability and collaboration. They require people who can think critically and outside of the box. With such fast moving technologies and the growing need for innovation, workers need to be flexible as well. They must be able to adapt to change and keep adding value within their organizations.

Q: With virtually every country facing skills shortages, do you believe a big opportunity is opening up before India?

“Our goal is to help young Indian talent acquire cutting-edge skills and make use of the unlimited international opportunities that employers on our platform are offering”

A:Yes, certainly. India has the advantage of a huge population which provides dual benefits. Not only is it a human resource at the disposal of organizations, it is also a consumer of services.

The demographic dividend is now the new buzzword. It is believed that India’s young population can be capitalized for growth. By 2020, the country is set to become the world’s youngest nation, with 64 percent of its population in the working age group.

India also has a huge pool of untapped talent but in order for it to play a key role in the world’s job space this talent needs skills and expertise. Worldwide there will be a shortage of 2.5 million IT/ICT professionals. Companies in Europe are slowly opening their doors to skilled people from India. However, these professionals must be able to add value to the organizations they work in. They should be willing to learn, grow and achieve excellence.

This is the reason we are launching the IT World Web Academy. Our goal is to help young Indian talent acquire cutting-edge skills and make use of the unlimited international opportunities that employers on our platform are offering.

Q: Research shows that despite its large size, India’s talent pool is large unemployable. How can the country prevent its demographic dividend from turning into a demographic nightmare?

A: Lack of employment opportunities is a big bottleneck, one that is preventing India from leveraging its demographic dividend. The power of youth needs to be channeled properly for productive purposes. If we look at the IT/ICT sector, we can see that it is mainly freshers who are struggling to overcome the skills gap and find proper jobs.

We believe that the Indian government should be offering more incentives to those willing to excel in skills and knowledge. If colleges and universities are not able to offer up-to-date, high quality education, then the government must do this job. We see this mismatch and are eager to play a major role in the education and skilling of youngsters. We want to ready them for the world job arena where their talent will be greatly appreciated.

Q: What do you believe India should do to retain its leadership in the IT skills space and retain its place as a global skills hub?

A: Information technology is playing an important role in India today and has transformed the country’s image from a slow moving bureaucratic economy to a land of innovative tech entrepreneurs.

The IT sector in India is generating direct employment for 2.5 million people. The country is now one of the biggest IT capitals of the modern world and all the big players in this sector are present in India.

For India to retain its place as a global skills hub, it must effectively tap its young, English-speaking talent, which must also acquire the right skills and expertise. Right now, the average IT professional does not have the complete skills set, experience and knowledge to add value to an organization in Europe or the USA.

In Europe and the USA, IT professionals go through all types of courses and trainings, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, as part of their career development. In India, only a very limited number of companies offer training to employees. IT professionals have to invest time, money and effort to gain knowledge from elsewhere. Our Academy is built on the philosophy of Life Long Learning (LLL), which is the Western way of education and working. By providing affordable courses to professionals, we believe we can help them excel in their careers and become more valuable to their organizations in India and across the globe.

Q: What is aiming to do for manpower development in the IT domain?

A: At IT World Web we aim to bridge the ever-growing gap between talented technical professionals and the need for that talent. Our goal is to help talented IT professionals and employers find each other easily.

We entered the Indian market in March, 2014 and started establishing our presence by tying up with large and mid-sized technical recruitment agencies. Our aim was to increase the numbers of IT professionals on our portal. Our goal is to reach over one million IT professionals as members on our platform by November, 2015.

By bringing technical professionals in Asia and Eastern Europe on our platform, we plan to offer Western European and US companies the talent pool they need to fill over 2.5 million jobs. We are focused on providing cutting-edge recruitment solutions to job seekers and recruitment agencies of all sizes. Also, we want to offer tech courses which will help members on our platform to enhance their skills and become employable in Europe and the USA, where the demand for skills is the highest.

Q: How is the company looking to help India solve its IT skills challenges?

A: India seems to be the only country where the supply of IT graduates exceeds demand. We are focused on India because the country offers us excellent market opportunities. There are thousands of education and training institutes but there are no certifications and training programs that really help IT professionals to acquire the required skills.

Q: What is the business model that you are looking at to achieve your goals?

A: Our business model is focused on IT and technology professionals. We aim to help them connect with each other, share knowledge, upgrade their skills, find jobs,recruit,network and add value to their careers.