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Building a new standard for IT enabled services (ITES / BPO)

The ITES / BPO Industry, globally, is a relatively new, fast growing industry, strongly poised to be a significant contributor to global economy. This industry has evolved over the past few years and is on the threshold of what one could term as attaining maturity. Like any industry, the ITES / BPO industry has an identity of its own and has characteristics which are unique to it such as focus on execution of Business Processes (either end-to-end or in slivers, which in turn pose their own challenge of integrating with the rest of the processes), conformance with client mandated Statements of Work (SOW), Information / data Security, End user privacy, Business Contingency, Technology, people management and above all efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Thus in lines of TL 9000 for Telecom or AS9100 for Aerospace it is time to have an Industry Service Standard to comprehensively address the varied spectrum of elements of ITES / BPO services – the service excellence standard would facilitate the ITES / BPO industry to leverage on the best practices of the industry as well as other global certification standards leading to a robust and enhanced delivery model designed to keep the customer delight as its prime focus.

This will lead to the following benefits:

  • One single global delivery standard for ITES / BPO making real comparisons and overall improvement of the sector.
  • “No nonsense standard” which ensures the resources / efforts are not wasted by service providers
  • Improve the customer focus & customer satisfaction, leading to a clear ROI from the certification. Ability to communicate the benefits to the customers
  • Improve the productivity and the quality of products
  • Reduction in maturing time for start ups & new service providers
  • Comparisons, benchmarks leading to increased innovations
  • The ITES / BPO industry would be able to have a standard which is applicable to it and therefore facilitate adoption and consequently a greater degree of standardization in this important industry segment.
  • Under the ISO SC7 group, NASSCOM is now leading the effort to build a new standard for the ITES / BPO sector. This standard needs to address the ITES/BPO life cycle elements and recommend specific actions on processes and measures covering a wide range of services.

    • Build a requirements based model.
    • Compatibility with other related standards where there is any commonality of requirements e.g. with ISO 27001 for information security, with ISO20000 for service management terminology and common processes such as change management and service level management.