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Process Innovation - Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM)

Process Innovation - Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM)

Category : Process Innovation (Winner)

Product / Solution Name: Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM)

Innovation Imperative:

  • Position Genpact as an industry thought leader in Business Process Management space
  • Institutionalize a framework to capture organizational learnings, best practices, benchmarks and insights
  • Address multiple challenges faced by customers to use process as a lever & reach Best in Class performance
  • Improve ability to cross sell and establish competency in new verticals

  • Describe the Innovation:

    Process as a business lever hasn’t been fully exercised, leveraged, or explored. We realized that a lot of our clients faced multiple challenges in getting to best-in-class process performance. Traditional business management approaches were focused on increasing sub-process level operational efficiencies only, and did not measure the effectiveness of processes.

    SEPsm is a scientific framework for managing processes with a focus on business outcomes, metric goal post and effectiveness. It constitutes detailed process taxonomy, granular metrics to measure the performance of individual activities, linkages to outcomes, benchmarks, best practices, insights & analytics to move a process to best in class. The various components of SEP allow clients to prioritize process interventions based on their needs, priorities and ability to invest time and capital

    Benefits to the customer:

    SEP provides a comprehensive framework to customers, which allows them to compare their processes to best in class metrics and practices. This allows them to assess their process performance with peers in the industry and identify improvement opportunities. Customers can leverage the framework to generate a “capital right” and granular implementation roadmap covering process, people, and technology & policy levers to attain critical business outcomes
    In addition SEP offers flexible entry points and commercial models generating 4-5 X impact vs. pure efficiency driven initiatives

    Business Opportunity:

    SEP improves the process effectiveness of our customers and provides them significantly higher value on their business outcomes. It thus allows Genpact to further strengthen our business offerings in the following ways:

    • Differentiate Genpact from competition providing similar offshoring/ outsourcing services
    • Generate opportunities in new verticals and geographies, as well as higher mining potential
    • Realize higher margins through flexible Gain Share Models based on Business Impact