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Using the platform of road shows, reports, seminars, conferences and workshops, NASSCOM is leveraging its existing partnerships, collaborations and MoUs with Governments, industry associations and customer organisations the world over, to raise awareness about the benefits they can gain by engaging with the Indian IT-BPO industry, especially in the area of Global Sourcing.

The key activities that the Global Trade is involved in include the following: 

  • Policy submissions and consultation to various Governments and Government agencies:

    Global Trade has been involved in advising and providing consultancy to various international governments and agencies on immigration policies. A few examples of these submissions include:

    • Response to consultations by the UK Borders Agency (UKBA) and the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) about introducing quotas for migration to the UK
    • White paper on the role of Intra-Corporate Transferees (ICTs) as a successful business model in ensuring Europe’s competitiveness. This is in response to the European Commission’s Proposal for a Framework Directive on Intra-Corporate Transferees, which will be transmitted to the Council of the European Union nd the European Parliament for adoption. NASSCOM was also invited to testify on the subject in the European Parliament.
  • Addressing visa and work permit issues and fighting protectionism

    NASSCOM is continuously in touch with various governments and embassies to address and resolve visa and work permit issues. In the recent years, few countries have announced protectionist policies and proposals that restrict to trade and the movement of people. NASSCOM is working closely with the Indian Government to create awareness about the scourge of protectionism and working to ensure that the Governments of other nations do not create impediments to free trade. NASSCOM is building thought leadership on important issues such as immigration policies, visa regimes, software quality standards, WTO and free trade in services, data security and next generation best practices, and the importance of collaboration and trade cooperation, especially during these times of economic recession.

  • Exploring new geographies and creating opportunities for partnerships

    NASSCOM’s Perspective 2020 Report clearly outlines global megatrends that will shape the growth of the technology and business services industry in the next 10–15 years. Driven by these megatrends, there will be opportunities for companies to capture new markets (verticals such as public sector and healthcare, customer segments such as SMBs, and new geographies), that have been largely untapped so far.

    Global Trade organises delegations that visit other countries. In 2010, it led 12 delegations to nations including the US, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, China, Brazil, Chile, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Netherlands and Jordan. The objective is to expose member companies to the ICT environments of different countries, provide networking opportunities with the local companies and agencies and explore business opportunities. Global Trade also hosted various incoming delegations from various countries including China, Hong Kong, Brazil, Chile, Rwanda, Israel, and Japan throughout the year.

  • Organising sessions for members on countries of interest to share information and updates on policies, business environment, partnership opportunities, etc.

    NASSCOM regularly organises sessions on countries which are as yet under penetrated, and hold out potential for Indian companies. Experts are invited from these nations, who provide overviews of the local ICT industries in their countries, the emerging trends and opportunities for IT, potential partnership models that can be tapped, etc. From a business perspective, the experts try and explore where Indian companies can collaborate with local companies, particularly in the new economic architecture.

  • Conducting research and creating reports on ICT opportunities in Emerging Markets

    NASSCOM, in association with PricewaterhouseCoopers has published various reports on ICT opportunities for the Indian IT-BPO industry in emerging markets, titled the “Emerging Market Series.” The objective is to focus on newer and emerging markets for Indian IT-BPO industry globally. Till date, Global Trade has come out with four reports covering Japan, Nordic Countries, Germanic Countries and Latin American Countries.

  • Building partnerships with various International IT Associations

    NASSCOM is a member of the Asian Oceanian Computing Industry Organisation (ASOCIO). ASOCIO is a a group of computing industry associations from the Asian Oceanian Region and is constituted by representative from 22 countries. NASSCOM is also a member of the World Information Technology and Services Alliances (WITSA). This Forum includes member associations from 60 leading countries of the world. NASSCOM has signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with various associations such as the Australian Information Industry Association (Australia), Intellect (UK), BITKOM (Germany), BPA/P (Business Processing Association, Philippines), FEDESOFT (the IT association of Colombia) and int@j (Information Technology Association, Jordan).