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The Indian IT-BPO industry has played a pioneering role in taking India to the world, and currently, has a presence in more than 70 countries. With increased globalisation, there have been requests from members, overseas governments, Indian embassies and trade promotion organisations for NASSCOM to have a representation in these respective geographies. To achieve this, NASSCOM has set up separate Chapters in key geographies with support from NASSCOM members located in those areas.

Currently, NASSCOM has Chapters in the US, the UK, Canada, Japan and Australia. All five chapters are quite active and continuously work to protect the interests of the Indian IT-BPO industry in a unified and consolidated manner

  • The UK Chapter for instance, worked with the UK government to maintain a “trade friendly” immigration policy. Further, it provided recommendations for the proposed immigration cap to the UK Border Agency and Migration Advisory Council (MAC) during the consultation process. This involved high level ministerial meetings with officials, discussions with MPs and appearances before a House of Commons Select Committee.
  • The NASSCOM UK Chapter also worked with members on data security issues to showcase and maintain India’s reputation as a secure outsourcing location.
  • Exploring new geographies and creating opportunities for partnerships.
  • The Australia Chapter actively lobbies with the Australian Government on issues faced by its member companies related to immigration policies, government procurement, advocacy on public policy and international trade development. The most recent achievement of NASSCOM’s Australia Chapter has been the agreement reached with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) regarding signing out a market based salary model. The model is a framework proposed by the Chapter, which the department will use to evaluate all work permit applications filed by Indian IT-BPO companies (NASSCOM member) for their employees in Australia.