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04 Jan,2014

China: Government Restricts Entry of Short-Term Interns and Trainees

03 Jun,2013

EU: The Intra-Corporate Transferees Directive

15 Jan,2013

NASSCOM meeting with JS Foreigners (MHA) on Indian visa regime

22 Dec,2012

UK: Media update (5-21 December 2012)

28 Jun,2012

US: Senator Grassley plan for tougher H-1B enforcement revealed

22 Jun,2012

NASSCOM presentation on "Revitalizing Japan – Partnering with India for globalization and future growth"

08 Jun,2012

US: Presentation of US – India ICT Working Group meeting

12 May,2012

US: Stabenow Introduces Bill to Cut Taxes for Companies Who Move Jobs to US

06 May,2012

France: Implications of the French Presidential election for NASSCOM and its members

29 Apr,2012

Germany: 'Blue Card' to simplify immigration