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National Skills Registry for IT/ITES Professional (NSR-ITP)

Human resources are the key assets for IT-BPO industry in India and the industry has focused on developing and implementing best practices in human capital management, safety and security that span across employees, clients and other stakeholders.

NASSCOM in partnership with the industry has developed a unique initiative – National Skills Registry –a national database of registered and verified knowledge workers in the industry. This database is managed and run by NDML - a fully owned subsidiary of National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL).

National Skills Registry (NSR) aims to build a robust and credible information repository on the knowledge professionals in the sector. The data fields include permanent fact sheet of information on the professional along-with Photograph & appropriate background checks (where undertaken), thus providing identity security for the organisation and its clients. Biometrics is also included in this repository to ensure unique identification.

The benefits of NSR flow across to clients, service providers and employees. The data is owned by the employee who can authorise prospective employers to validate details and avoid duplication of background checks.

The industry benefits by having credible data on current and prospective employees eliminate issues of potential frauds and avoid repetitive background checks. Clients who deal with sensitive data are assured of proper verification checks of employees who are dealing with this data.

NSR has enhanced the value proposition of Indian IT-BPO industry, as one that has raised the bars on security standards in pursuit of excellence and client satisfaction.