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IP4BIZ is a Showcase Platform for Made-in-India Software Products that are designed for Enterprise Users, with an objective towards influencing

Enterprises to buy “Made in India” Software Products for use in their business...

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India Leadership Summit 2013
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  • CloudMagic Techcello
    To build SaaS products, Enterprise applications and E-governance solutions on .NET, that...
  • CloudMagic Waybeo
    Cloud based inbound voice communication platform to medium and large enterprises...
  • CloudMagic Ozonetel
    A business can set up and run its cloud contact centre within 30 min or less, with faster time to...
  • CloudMagic CRMnext
    A true enterprise class CRM available across 11 key verticals including Banking, Insurance...
  • CloudMagic iWeb Enterprise Suite
    An Enterprise Resource Management application comprising of several modules to provide...
  • CloudMagic ArrayShield
    A software security products in the area of Multi-Factor Authentication....
  • CloudMagic Sapience Analytics Pvt Ltd
    Enables companies to achieve 20+% gains in work output, achieved without requiring...
  • CloudMagic Bizosys Technologies Pvt Ltd
    A Big data search engine that is uniquely architecture around Apache Hadoop's HBase...
  • CloudMagic Cognosys Technologies
    Offers easy migration facility for an existing On Premise solution to Cloud where most of web...
  • CloudMagic Extensio Software (India)
    A software security products in the area of Multi-Factor Authentication....
  • CloudMagic i7 Networks Private Limited
    A network analytics engine which takes a company’s internet pipe and extracts 100+ parameters...
  • CloudMagic OrangeScape
    OrangeScape Visual PaaS targeted for enterprises for creating sophisticated business...
  • CloudMagic IPMPlus
    Focuses on clean and green solutions...



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"Quite a unique product, ..... could be a good fit for organization to see how being utilized and then can optimize the same"

Ranendra Datta
Vice President
IT SABMiller India Ltd.

" A very critical requirement for all companies going forward ..... Will really bring in transparency and help technology be more effective..... "

Padmaja Ravishankar
Global Head
Information Systems at [24]7 Inc.


It is very encouraging to get the visibility at TechStars zone and create Sapience brand awareness. Access to high profile global business leaders in Showcase session at NPC was extremely useful for us. Their critical analysis helped us get honest perspective from the buyer’s side.