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Karnataka Regional Council

    Regional Council: Karnataka

    The focus of Regional Council Karnataka is to create an enabling ecosystem for IT-BPO companies located in Karnataka. The Regional Council designs initiatives and supports the NASSCOM Team in actioning the same in the following areas:

    • Policy and regulation, to spur the growth of the IT-BPO industry
    • Infrastructure of Karnataka, to ensure the continued development of the sector
    • Positioning  Bangalore as the major R&D and Innovation hub for India
    • Development of Tier II and Tier III cities of Karnataka
    • Crisis Management, where the Council is working as a Crisis Management Team to respond to urgent issues and situations affecting the IT and BPO industry in Karnataka.

    The RC works in partnership with the NASSCOM Executive Council (EC) to roll out the mission and actions mandated by the EC.

    The council has formed Sub-groups to work on specific focus areas. The RC meet once  a month to take forward the plans of the subgroups and to create an enabling ecosystem for IT-BPO companies located in Karnataka.

    • Member Connect:The Council rolls out activities to reach out to members, more effectively service their needs and expand membership
    • Government Partnership:The Council is working with the government to remove barriers and facilitate the growth of the IT-BPO industry in Karnataka
    • Competitive Growth:It is planning and executing strategies positioning Bangalore as an Innovation and R&D hub and the state of Karnataka as a desirable IT destination
    • Inclusion & Diversity:The Council promotes the learning of relevant skills, Urban-rural/socio-economic inclusion and works closely with the NASSCOM Foundation.
    • Tier II/III Regional Development: Mysore and Hubli-Dharwar have been identified as emerging IT-BPO locations.