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Milestones and Key Processes

The Indian IT-BPM industry is one of India’s outstanding success stories, a sector that has demonstrated dramatic growth and evolution over the last ten years. Today, the Indian IT services and BPM organisations are viewed as trusted partners that are playing a key role in the business strategies of global customers.

The rewards of a close partnership, however, are accompanied by the responsibility to safeguard the business interests of these clients. The companies have to ensure that they live up to the trust placed in them and do not introduce any additional risk to the business, data or reputation of their customers. The need therefore, is to project India as a safe and secure destination for IT and BPM outsourcing.

Information security is no longer just a legal requirement but rather a competitive differentiator for companies, based on which they can grow their businesses.

“The journey for NSR at Capgemini BPO started a year ago as a tool for on boarding and for strengthening the internal recruitment systems including the back ground verification process. In the last 12 months, Capgemini BPO has adopted the NSR process internally and with its external clients. NSR today has become an integral part of the business at Capgemini BPO, enhancing the confidence of our customers in engaging with us”.  

Dayanand Allapur
Head of Human Resources
Capgemini Business Services, India

NASSCOM, along with Indian IT-BPM industry has been proactively championing the security cause and ensuring that the Indian Information Security environment benchmarks well against the best across the globe. Towards this end and to provide the industry with a listing of professionals whose credentials have been examined and vetted by a pool of experts, NASSCOM has created the National Skills Registry (NSR). The NSR is a centralised database of all employees of IT-BPM companies in India, a base that has been investigated and found to be authentic.

Key NSR milestones

It is encouraging to note that NSR has achieved the following:

  • Been adopted by 123 organisations, covering 85 percent of the IT workforce
  • Has empanelled 18 background checkers in the ecosystem to check whether the employees are bona fide
  • Forayed into the financial sector, signing up with ANMI, the Association of National Exchanges Members of India. ANMI believes that security best practices adopted by IT-BPM industry should be adopted by the financial services sector and as a premier body of members of stock exchanges, has taken the lead in implementing this initiative for the broking industry
  • Innovated and evolved itself to serve the needs of the dynamic IT-BPM industry
  • Developed a feature whereby it is possible to upload the PDF format of the background check reports of individuals along with their status, giving member companies access to more comprehensive data
  • Drawn up an empanellment process as an annual exercise to audit the background checking companies who do the verification for the industry
  • Taken registration to the source of talent generation, i.e. to colleges. This is currently being tried out as a pilot and depending on the outcome, will be scaled up