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Multi-generational Workforce: NASSCOM-iPrimed study

NASSCOM and iPrimed have released a research that determines the competencies at play for the industry.

Titled ‘Managing in a multi-generational workforce’, the report aims to understand the dilemma and role of parents and managers today and the expectations and aspirations of Gen X and Y within organisations.

The study has indicated that:

  • There is a perceived dilution of value education in primary institutions and a need to re-assess the definition of some values with newer ways of thinking
  • The traditional notion of respect for authority or position has diluted when experiencing the role of the parent or manager, as well as general adherence to norms and protocols
  • Home and organisational environments need to focus more on building empathy as it is core to enhancing the emotional quotient for building effective relationships across diverse groups
  • A greater sensitisation is required at home on the concept of collectiveness, promoting it alongside individual success. There is need for greater recognition of team-based efforts and responsibilities that hold a larger meaning to the ecosystem, rather than just the immediate working environment

According to the study, new age millennial professionals need to be adventurous, free-spirited and fun-loving. They also must be comfortable with technology, confident, creative, connected and sociable, basically people capable of taking risks, collaborating and remaining self-motivated. Organisations will need to assess the strength and needs of this generation.