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NASSCOM Focuses on Building a Gender Diverse Workforce


The IT-BPM industry, a knowledge-intensive sector and equal opportunity employer has been actively hiring women in its workforce over the past decade. The 800,000 women currently working in the sector account for over 30 per cent of the existing hires and this figure is all set to rise in the future.

In the recent past, there have been several instances,where the safety of women across India has been compromised. Media too, has been focusing attention on the need for safeguarding women and upholding their right to work at ‘anytime during the day’. Taking cognizance of this requirement, NASSCOM has been rolling out initiatives to help member organisations ensure the safety of their women employees.

More recently, as a part of its women-focused strategies, NASSCOM declared February 2013 as the ‘Women Safety Month’ in the NCR region. Under the aegis of the initiative,NASSCOM and its members hosted a series of events and activities to educate, engage and empower women employees. During this time, member organisations also spotlighted the various measures, support systems and best practices that they had implemented to enhance awareness about the safety of their women workers.

NASSCOM also announced the AppFame contest, where corporates, developers and students were encouraged to build technology applications for women’s safety. The shortlisted applications will be showcased for adoption to NASSCOM members and other stakeholders.

Additionally, NASSCOM released a compendium of recommended best practices in several IT and BPM organisations in India. The document focuses on issues such as security arrangements at the office premises, safe commuting (involving travel to work from home and back), emergency response systems, measures for safe hiring, awareness building, addressing medical emergencies, advisories for women and the prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace.