NASSCOM organizes “Infrastructure Management Summit 2013” on the growth of Enterprise IT and Mobility in India | NASSCOM
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NASSCOM organizes “Infrastructure Management Summit 2013” on the growth of Enterprise IT and Mobility in India

Global leaders discussed building the next generation of enterprise IT for the customers

The National Association of Software & Services (NASSCOM) organized the Infrastructure Management Summit 2013 to discuss the growth and opportunities in the field of enterprise IT in India. Held in Bangalore on the 21st and 22nd of August, the two day conference was centered around the theme of ’Future Forward: Strategies for the next-gen enterprises’ and saw participation from global leaders across the domain. The conference witnessed discussion on topics ranging from cloud & mobility space to mobile innovation; from Service Level Agreements in cloud computing to building the next generation data centers; from convergence of mobile computing and cloud to securing the unknown.

In the current scenario, customer landscape clearly seems to be headed towards placing a premium on IT Service provider with customer references and IP Assets that can drive in-year business outcomes from their IT initiatives. Creating a dynamic mobile enterprise, the strategy needs to encompass devices, platforms, networks, applications, social media/unified communications and security. It's a complex environment and organizations are looking for best - practices and success stories from their providers. The combination of mobility, consumerisation, social business and cloud have combined to create a tumultuous and exciting IT environment for vendors, partners and enterprise organizations.

Talking about the initiative, Mr. Krishnakumar Natarajan, Chairman, NASSCOM said, “Enterprise ICT Infrastructure is evolving rapidly with on-premise infrastructure and enterprise solutions getting cloud enabled and smart devices ready. Infrastructure Management in the future will no longer be about traditional IT infrastructure management. In this new environment, there will be a metamorphosis of thinking, new tools and new processes. Across both mature and emerging geographies, we are witnessing a trend of Hybrid IT environments dominating enterprise IT architectures, underscoring the importance of provider competencies in the old-world legacy environments as well as the new world "as a service" operating models. The need to manage seamlessly Public and Private Cloud infrastructure and drive significant improvement in operating flexibilities will be the challenge for the future and we look forward to enabling service providers and enterprises to get ready for this challenge.”

The conference provided insights to plan ahead in IT as separate services or even differentiators, the discussion entailed the needs to get a deeper insight on how Enterprise IT Infrastructure and its Managed services providers will scale to blend and bridge the traditional offerings with the new paradigms. The clear verdict to emerge was that the industry is at the precipice of next wave of business technology and intelligent systems and the impact will be orders of magnitude greater than anything we’ve seen before. This trend shall continue to shape the IT landscape in the future changing industry paradigms.