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Quality remains a key differentiator and global edge for the Indian IT-BPO industry. Since its inception, the sector has been working on improving its quality orientation by adhering to state-of-the-art global standards, and is recognised the world over for its high quality products and services. To enhance the industry value proposition, IT-BPO organisations have also been actively deploying employee process driven technologies and aligning their internal processes, and practices to international standards. Robust quality processes have been put in place to drive productivity and efficiency.

NASSCOM has set up a Quality Form to enable the Indian IT-BPO industry to achieve leadership in the global market through quality. The Forum helps organisations understand global best practices by collaborating with internationally recognised Quality associations. The Forum is also providing guidance to Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs) on how they can get on the path of quality and inbuilt it into their offerings. The Forum additionally examines practical solutions to information and data quality challenges observed within organisations, and how they can drive business excellence through quality. Through events and roundtable sessions, the forum focuses on issues that impact and improve quality such as tools and methodologies, assessment, professionalisation, IT governance and software architectures.

NASSCOM is also representing India at the SC7 Forum, the global software and systems sub-committee for the ISO/IEC JTC1, which is involved in the standardisation of processes, methods and supporting technologies for the engineering management of software and systems throughout their life cycle.

Quality Forum Chair


R Chandrasekaran
President and Managing Director,
Global Delivery, Cognizant

"In the new and emerging global economy IT Industry as a whole, and particularly Indian IT Industry, needs to innovate and set new standards.
NASSCOM Quality Forum can provide such a platform for all industry members to discuss and innovate new Quality strategies  which can benefit the industry at large. Indian IT industry is poised very well to influence the global standards given the vast amount of experience.  By bringing all industry best practices  together,  we can reset the IT delivery performance benchmarks to higher levels and become golden standard globally
It is also important to collaborate openly with customers and competitors to get valid insights. NASSCOM Quality Forum is intended to spearhead and show the way to newer frontier. Recognizing and bringing the best of the best, it allows all others to leverage the learning and best practices and frog leap to higher growth".

Vice Chairperson's Message


Dr. Gargi Keeni
Vice President, 
Tata Consultancy Services

IT has come a long way but has an even longer way to go. As it penetrates deeper and deeper into every aspect of our life and social infrastructure more issues are coming up on not only about quality and reliability but also about security and privacy, ethics and values, rights and responsibilities.
Indian-IT, with its huge resource pool, has a greater role to play on the global stage as leaders, innovators, managers, developers and users in identifying and addressing these issues.
NASSCOM Quality Forum has been set up in 2005 with the objective of pioneering next generation Quality leadership in the IT and ITES industry in India. This forum functions on the theme of "Leadership through Quality".
The forum is spread across different regions of the country and the advisory council has members representing these regions.  Events and workshops are held to cater to the needs of each of these regions around the overall objectives of the Quality forum. 
The objectives of the forum are set based on the inputs from the members of the advisory council - representing you. By networking with the regional quality forums you can keep updated with the activities of the forum and also voice your opinions / ideas / thoughts. Your active participation would enable the Quality forum to achieve its objectives.