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Perception Study

Industry led research study on Perception of the BPM Industry by diverse stakeholders

The Business Process Management (BPM) industry has performed admirably well in the last decade. And with this growth and changing landscape, It is observed that the Employee Profile has undergone a significant change in the last few years. The industry today employs an extremely diverse and several niche backgrounds of employe profile like health specialists, Charetred Accountants, Engineers, P.Hds, Medical Doctors, Data Scientists, Accountants etc. This has led to the need for the BPM industry to reposition the Attractiveness of the Industry to its stake holders. The industry is proposing to address the challenges of positioning the Industry through correct messaging as well as bursting the myths about the Industry.

One of the initiative taken by the BPM Forum is to assess the perception held by the various stakeholders on the Industry and position the industry appropriately to the various stake holders. Accordingly, the forum has taken the initiative of conducting an industry wide study to:

  • Evaluate industry attractors for employees joining BPM industry as well as drivers of attrition from the industry
  • Understand and evaluate Brand BPM in the
  • Employee experience groups in companies
  • Academia and
  • Stakeholders within the social eco-system- parents, family members, Media, recruitment agencies and government
  • Understand stimuli/events in the BPM employment lifecycle impacting joining and churn decisions

To enable a rich and diverse inputs for the study, the research activity is being designed to include a wide spread of the respondents from geographic and demographic parameters such as employee experience groups, academia and other stakeholders in the BPM stakeholder universe consisting of parents, recruitment agencies, media and government. The study has been designed to cover not only Tier I cities but Tier Ii and Tier III cities which also generate and supply a good number in this talent pipe.

The outcome of this study should be able to address queries like

  • What are the attractors for employment in the BPM Services industry?
  • How does the attractiveness vary across the talent segments like freshers, experienced professionals?
  • What are the variations in employment attractors across organizational types such as niche, non-niche, captive, third party players, pure play service companies, integrated players and so on?
  • What drives employees to move from BPO / KPO to other industries and vice versa?
  • What are the drivers of attrition within the BPO / KPO industry itself?
  • How does the attrition levels manifest across demographic segments, geographic segments and service offerings segments?

BPM Industry members have wholeheartedly supported the initiative and the research work is set to start by January,2013. This is one of its kind of survey being initiated and the outcome of the survey will lead to getting insights to position the attractivenss of the industry better.

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