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Rajesh Razdan, Founder & CEO, mCarbon Tech Innovation Pvt. Ltd.

Rajesh Razdan founded mCarbon in early 2008, to create a compelling platform based offerings for Telco's to maximize revenues in the areas of usage and retention, customer life cycle and value management. An industry veteran of 16 years, his vision is to support global Telco's through technology based offerings to help them upsell and cross sell more enabling continuous usage and return based business models. In his present capacity as CEO, he steers mCarbon's strategic vision, corporate development and operations. In the past, Rajesh has served as a member of solution sales team at Nokia Siemens and handled APAC and India region. Formerly, he has held senior positions with leading Telecom Organizations including KPN International Consulting, Ericsson, and Roamware wherein he worked across business development, product management

Q: How have the priorities of customers changed, especially within the telecom and mobility arena? What do telecos need today to improve their own customer acquisition and retention?

A: Customers today know what they want. They know where, when and how they want to buy it. Consumer behaviour and usage patterns have changed which is forcing telecom operators to go back to the drawing board to figure out new ways to reach out to customers. They are trying to analyse usage behavior, custom-fitting plans and services to user needs. A strong focus on meeting customer needs will underpin the ability of successful operators to satisfy and retain customers.

Moreover, with pressure on margins, telecom operators are viewing ‘customer experience’ as the key differentiator to survive in the future. Operators who develop new business models and embrace the change will benefit by delighting their customers with flexible offers that genuinely meet their needs, promoting long-term relationships with these customers.

“Our solutions help operators create superior customer engagement by capturing and understanding the digital ‘body language’ that consumers exhibit”

Q: What is Customer Value Management and how is mCarbon delivering on this requirement?

A:To look beyond transactional data and focus on customer interactions, connections and satisfaction throughout the customer journey is what I define as Customer Value Management. Our key solutions in the area include talk time and data credit for pre-paid customers and interactive end of call notification. Telecom operators can offer talk time or data credit to customers who have insufficient balances in their prepaid account which is based on consumption patterns and behaviors. In interactive end of call notification, the solution captures and analyses customer behaviour, does segmentation, and offers campaigning ability, enabling inline promotions and reach consumers when they are most likely to buy

Q: Is Customer Value Management going to become a market defining development going forward?

A:We are all aware that in today’s scenario it is increasingly tough to deliver constant ARPU growth as mobile subscriber voice minutes and tariffs come under ever more pressure: markets are saturating, growth is lower and the fight for new customers becomes brutal. The most successful operators are those who can keep existing subscribers happy while attracting new customers and can maximize margins at the same time. The key is to quickly deliver innovatively priced services on a highly targeted basis; predict who is at risk of churning, who could be offered a more attractive plan and which plans are the most profitable right now, not months after the event. As today a customer is more informed and aware of his needs, value management plays a crucial role in defining the market for Telcos.

Q:How can technology solutions enable telcos to improve their Customer Value Management focus? How can this help them increase their revenues or open up for them new revenue streams?

A: Telcos can use technologies that give them great insights about customer data, enabling them to observe the patterns of consumption and map them to services that they are likely to buy from them in near future. Every communication with the customer opens a context and the key is to capture and build on that. This ensures that the customer stays with the service provider by spending more on the network. By becoming more aware about the customer, the telco can offer a new product or service, creating additional revenue streams for itself.

Q: What would you say is your key innovation and differentiator in this area?

A: mCarbon’s key value proposition in the area is its Interactive End of Call Notification (i-eocn) that advances beyond campaigns and adopts a contextual multi-channel engagement model which creates highly engaging customer interaction and yields proprietary operator data that cannot be replicated by traditional marketing methods or third-party data sources.

What it means is: higher levels of engagement, shorter end-to-end conversion cycles, increased revenue and better customer experiences. From insight to action, mCarbon’s i-econ platform has real-time data analytics capabilities to deliver consistent and relevant messaging for cohesive consumer experiences across multiple touch points.

Q: How are your solutions enabling communications service providers create superior customer engagement?

A: Our solutions help operators create superior customer engagement by capturing and understanding the digital ‘body language’ that a consumer exhibits (when using mobile services) and through delivery of a targeted experience. Targeted customers can be profiled and segmented based on numerous behavioural attributes, including the device they use, the apps they consume, where they access services and different times.